By Sylas Byaruhanga

In an effort to ensure full re- opening of the economy in Uganda come 2022, Ibanda has officially launched accelerated COVID-19 vaccination campaign across the district.

The function was held Thursday afternoon at the district headquarters.

While addressing hundreds of people who gathered to witness the launch, Nanyunja Justine the Ministry of Health Representative hailed the people of Ibanda for embracing the campaign noting that this is only way to see the economy re opened come January 2022.

“By 2022, we want to be open and be able to enjoy our lives fully” Nanyunja said, adding “thank you for taking a decision to be vaccinated at the right time and in the right place”

Currently, Ibanda district has 15 COVID patients who are getting medication under Home based Care.

At the same function the chief of party USAID south west Dr. Bitarakwate Edward revealed that Uganda is one of the best countries in COVID vaccination which he said is because of good strategy employed by President Yoweri Museveni.

Dr. Edward thanked the RDC and all district staff for the effort rendered during Home Based Care training as well as mobilisation against COVID transmission.

He on behalf of USAID southwest handed over a consortium of PPEs consisting of Temperature gun, gloves, masks to help in Home Based Care COVID prevention in 55 parishes of the district.

Happy Hebert the District Chairman expressed the District commitment towards ensuring every person above the age of 18 is vaccinated

“We the people of Ibanda are determined to ensure we get vaccinated” Happy said. Adding “more so we want to cast out a demon of fear in peoples’ heart and rumor that you vaccinate, you will die.”

The chairman also thanked the district being among the best districts that were reported by the president for having high numbers of teachers that had been already vaccinated against COVID 19.